Outsourced Risk Management

Primary strategic business objectives

Many organizations know they need additional support but are concerned about the short- and long-term costs of doing so. With organizations of all types facing new regulatory and other reporting requirements, it’s no surprise that many feel overwhelmed. Many companies struggle to adopt new requirements and to implement “best practices” in many arenas. Nowhere can these requirements seem more onerous than for smaller companies and not-for-profits, where staffing is always thin – and expertise is hard to come by, especially when it comes to the minutiae of compliance.

Working with you, Warner Risk Group, LLC can help you meet whatever risk-related and compliance needs you have on an outsourced basis – on time, within budget, and without having to distract yourself from achieving your primary strategic business objectives.

We can:

  • Help companies of any size
  • Identify and analyze both opportunities and unexpected exposures that a company may just be recognizing – or need to look at again.
  • Develop and execute risk management and enterprise risk management programs from scratch.
  • Help companies expand internationally with an eye toward identifying all exposures, whether they’re interested in selling in new countries and/or manufacturing there.
  • Put together an insurance program covering all overseas risks.
  • Evaluate all supply chain strengths, weaknesses – and opportunities.
  • Put together airtight business continuity/business interruption plans across all “silos” and business units.
  • Develop shareholder and “stakeholder” communications and messaging.
  • Develop “best practices” and risk “models” with a view toward developing a program that will meet a company’s unique risk profile and risk appetite.
  • Negotiate supply chain relationships.
  • Handle “crisis management”.
  • Manage all P&C insurance functions.
  • Develop a brand protection risk management strategy.
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