Commodity & Supply Chain Risk Management

We help you manage commodity & supply chain risks

At Warner Risk Group, we believe that commodity risk management and supply chain risk management should be addressed in tandem. Globalization necessitates the change in the approach to certain areas of risk management that were once considered separate entities. Unfortunately, very few companies in this unique category do in fact view (and manage) these two areas of risk through the same prism. This oversight can create numerous inefficiencies, and creates the very real possibility of not having the physical commodities a company might need at any given moment in time -- at the price they have budgeted.

Unique approaches

At WRG, we will help you develop unique approaches to managing these two areas of risk. We will help not only to ensure you have the physical commodities when you need them (at the price you've budgeted) but also protecting your reputation (and even enhancing it) in the countries where you do business, either manufacturing, selling, or sourcing commodities. The benefits of tackling commodity and supply chain problems before they arise means a company can expect to achieve both their short- and long-term- strategic objectives, optimizing shareholder and stakeholder value in the process.

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