Additional Services

Property & Casualty Insurance

The Warner Risk Group offers:

  • International benefits insurance consulting; including program development, pooling and captives
  • Professional Support. Hire WRG to act as part-time risk manager for those companies not large enough to maintain their own professional staffing.
  • Auditing existing risk management programs. WRG focuses on loss control; P&C insurance practices; benefits insurance; property loss control; safety; and insurance claims.
  • Worker’s comp claims reviews. WRG ensures businesses reduce their frequency of losses -- and have processes in place to minimize costs when accidents do occur.
  • The establishment and implementation of a uniform process for identifying, prioritizing, sourcing and measuring key P&C insurance risks. We examine significant business processes and activities within individual business units – for the corporation as a whole.
  • Identification and evaluation of changes in the business environment. We focus on products and services as well as proposed new business activities and their potential impact on businesses.
  • Business continuity planning. We zero in on the most important risks – including supply chain concerns – that could adversely impact a business and develop plans to minimize the impact of accidents.
  • Property claims services. WRG assists businesses in compiling complex insurance claims and negotiating their settlement.
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