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Warner Risk Group Founder: Larry A. Warner

Larry Warner, founder and president, is one of the world’s leading – and most outspoken – proponents of proactive corporate enterprise risk management endeavors.

In 2012, Warner left confectionary and pet food giant Mars, Inc., a company where he served as Staff Officer – the equivalent of Chief Risk Officer – for 14 years. In total, he spent 23 years with the company, in charge of growing the vast majority of its risk management-related activities.

Like many others in the corporate risk profession, Warner launched his career focusing on the P&C insurance side of business, working first at Texas Instruments, Inc. as a corporate risk analyst, then transitioning to assistant risk manager, in charge of the company’s global captive, property insurance program, and assisting in the renewals for domestic and international casualty programs.

After he joined Mars in 1989, Warner’s role gradually expanded to the point where P&C-related exposures represented just a portion of his overall risk portfolio. Over time he became involved in everything from business continuity to brand reputation management. Warner has worked with business interruption concerns and IT risk, and even acquisition-related exposures such as those resulting from the company’s purchase of Wrigley in 2008.

When Warner became Staff Risk officer in March 1998, he took over Mars’ global asset conservation and safety programs. In 2003 he began developing Mars’ award winning Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. In collaboration with the Mars Management President’s Group and other senior executives, he focused on developing and maintaining – and continuously improving – Mars’ ERM program.

During the entire process and evolution of his risk management duties at Mars, Inc., Warner kept one foot squarely in the P&C insurance arena, managing that global portfolio, including risk identification, financing and insurance/indemnification standards for approximately 150 factories in more than 70 countries.

Upon his retirement in 2012, Warner established Warner Risk Group. Warner Risk Group works with medium and large corporations and public entities, focusing on ERM and corporate risk management.

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